Bay Area Green Business Bio-Diesel Powered Hauling

Environmentally friendly transport and household repairs


Independently Certified Green Hauler and Handyman



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Need Gardening / Landscaping / Yard Work done?
BioDiesel Hauling is proud to partner with Food Forest Farm, West:
A local independent organic nursery and gardening company, specializing in urban farming, permaculture, and edible perennials.

Food Forest Farm, West also sells compost worms, and offers gardening education and urban chicken and bee raising consulting, in addition to regular maintenance of any existing garden or yard.

Food Forest Farm, West charges the same rate as me ($40/hr plus mileage) and has the same available discounts

BioDiesel Hauling Services Include:

Furniture or appliance delivery, set up and installation
• Small moves
Handyman repairs
(sample job list)
• Yard work
• RV / Boat / Trailer towing
(to move a car you must already have it on your own trailer)

The Truck:

Ford F-250 Pick-up; 5x8 foot long-bed, 6000lb capacity, class IV hitch
Truck runs on 100% Bio-Diesel made from waste vegetable oil

• Less pollution
• No net CO2
• Renewable
• Domestically produced

See Contact page to get an idea of capacity.  (Images will enlarge if you click them)
Dollies, furniture pads, tools and lift gate available upon request.

This 2.5ton commercial truck normally gets 15 miles per gallon. After changes to my driving habits and the truck itself, it has increased 100% to 30MPG. 
Details at:


   $40/hour + $1/mile
(This usually works out to less than a rental truck, after you add in all their hidden fees plus topping off the tank)

If you don't own a car:
   $30/hr + $1/mile
If you don't own a car and are low-income:
   $20/hr + $1/mile  (See Rates page for details)


As much as possible, I sell / donate / reuse / give away / recycle items from dump runs.
Click here for salvaged items


I work primarily in Richmond, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, however I cover all of Alameda, and Contra Costa Counties as well as the entire extended SF Bay Area.

Email:  (use email for fastest response time)
Check my availability online
Read Yelp reviews, or write one of your own, at


Looking for commercial bio-diesel for your own car or truck? 
I do not make, sell, transport, or accept bio-diesel or waste vegetable oil
Contact the BioFuel Oasis at Ashby and Sacramento in Berkeley

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