Bay Area Green Business Veggie Powered Truck
Veggie Powered Handyman

Environmentally friendly transport and household repairs

16 5-star Yelp reviews 
hauling from house to Urban Ore, El Cerrito
1bdrm cottage, furniture & all
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Independently owned and operated by Bakari Kafele


Phone: I don't have a receptionist, and I don't answer the phone while I'm working, so its much easier for me to communicate by email.  
You will appreciate that when I'm working for you and don't take other client's calls. 
I am generally booked 1-2 weeks ahead, so you were not going to get me to come out same day anyway  ;-)


(Please email in advance to confirm a specific time)

 detachable powered liftgate
move from abandoned apt to storage, Berkeley

waterproof roll-up cover

3.5 tons of broken concrete

Moving storage to yardsale, Oakland - sideview
8 cubic yards of yard waste

moving from storage space to yard sale, Oakland
entire contents of 5x10 storage unit

Working in the rain
tarps for rainy days

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